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What is Required?

You need a Facebook Business Page to update the Voice Assistant. To perform and maintain the integration we require to be granted "Editors" access to the page. Once we have correct access to your page, we charge 50% in advance to undertake the integration.

A Gmail acount is required for testing. If you don't have one they are free and only take a minute to set up. Prior to certification you get to test the assistant to ensure you are happy before sign off. We will send you a short best practice and tips document to help you get the best out of your assistant

On sign off we will certify the assistant into the Google actions directory where it wil become available and discoverable. Balance of Payment is due after successful certification

Who can use it?

Anyone who uses Google Assistant service that is available on over one billion devices. The service is also fully accessible to people with disabilities.

How much does the service cost?

There is a one off set up, configuration and certifcation fee of $600 + GST for the Standard integration. This synchs your Facebook Posts, Events, Story and Opening Hours with Your custom Google Assistant voice service

An AWS (Amazon Web Service) is required to host the voice assistants code functions. A monthly fee of $20 + GST (no lock in contract) is charged to host and maintain your assistant on the robust, secure and relaible AWS servers

If you prefer to set up your own AWS hosting account and have us set up the assistant in this, we are happy to waive the hosting fee. We are certified by Amazon as AWS Cloud Practicioners. We recognise that most people are too busy to deal with anything technical.

Does it work on a smartphone?


You don't need a smart speaker. Android phone/tablet users hold down the home button for a second or two to summon the Google Assistant. To get started just ask the Assistant to "Talk to Swell Buddy"

Google Assistant is also available from the App Store for iPhone users *

Learn how to get Google Assistant On An iPhone.
*gmail account required

Does it work on Alexa?


For an extra $100 + GST we will configure & certify your Assistant for Alexa

Alexa has sold over 100 million units. Alexa xan also be accessed from any smart phone. Alexa is available as a free app from Google Play Store & Apple App store. *An Amazon account is required - sign up is fast and free.

How to Use Alexa On An Android Phone
How to Use Alexa On An iPhone

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