festival buddy voice service application

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Festival Buddy?

Festival Buddy is a free and easy to use voice activated “assistant” that helps entertainment businesses optimise for voice search. It allows users to quickly get voice optimized news updates about their favourite events.

Who can access & use it?

Anyone who uses Google Assistant and Alexa services available on over one billion devices. Voice search and activation is poised to become the biggest shift in how to search for information and request services since the mobile web revolution. The service is also fully accessible to people with disabilities.

How do I make an announcement?

Making an announcement is simple and takes under one minute to complete. Just fill in a form with your details, the name and date of your event. Type in your short announcement and select a call to action with an appropriate landing page. Once submitted the announcement is instantly live and will be spoken by both Google and Alexa voice assistants.

Why do you want my phone & email?

We link your mobile and email credentials to create your event account. This information is not made public and we do not share this information with 3rd parties. Using the same mobile number and email each time you make an announcement ensures that only the latest announcement is available on the service

Who will be making announcements??

We aim to have event information available from one hundred of the best events prior to a public launch in early 2020.

How much does the service cost?

Nothing - IT'S FREE! Its free to list your announcements. What are you waiting for? Try it out and make a news annoucement