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Swell Buddy

Like calling your mate at the beach for a surf report!

Swell Buddy is a voice activated service that gets today\'s surf report exclusively for 20 iconic Gold Coast Beaches.

From Snapper Rocks To The Spit. On The Hour Swell Conditions Forecast: Wave Height, Direction and Frequency, Right Now.

Try It : Free. Fast. Easy.

Hey Google - Talk To Swell Buddy!

🅖 Ask Swell Buddy for a SURF REPORT

Alexa - Open Swell Buddy!

What is Swell Buddy?

Swell Buddy is a free and easy to use voice activated service. It allows users to quickly get hourly swell conditions from 20 Gold Coast beaches.

Who can access & use it?

Anyone who uses Google Assistant and Alexa services available on over one billion devices. The service is also fully accessible to people with disabilities.

How much does the service cost?

Nothing - IT'S FREE! What are you waiting for try it out now!

Does it work on a smartphone?


You don't need a smart speaker. Android phone/tablet users hold down the home button for a second or two to summon the Google Assistant. To get started just ask the Assistant to "Talk to Swell Buddy"

Google Assitant is also available from the App Store for iPhone users *

Learn how to get Google Assistant On An iPhone.
*gmail account required

Can you get Alexa on a smartphone?


Alexa is also available as an app from Google Play Store & Apple App store.

An Amazon account is required - sign up is fast and free.

How to Use Alexa On An Android Phone
How to Use Alexa On An iPhone

swell buddy voice activated Gold Coast surf report


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